Intel Arc A750 price in BD

Intel Arc A750 price in Bd is BDT 37,000. This is one of the best graphics cards to take your gaming experience to the next level.

This graphics card’s 8 GB GDDR6 memory, 256-bit graphics memory interface, 512 GB/s graphics memory bandwidth, and 16 Gbps graphics memory speed can handle the most demanding games. It has been built to provide the best possible gaming experience. The newest model in the Intel Arc series is the 8 GB GDDR6 Arc A750 graphics card.

If you are a serious gamer, then you can set up this powerful graphics card on your gaming PC. Remember in this critical time can buy the Intel Arc A750 price in BD at the Bangladesh market is BDT 37,000.

Arc A750 price in BD


Model NumberA750
MicroarchitectureXe HPG
Lithography TypeTSMC N6
Vertical SegmentDesktop
Marketing StatusLaunched
GPU Specifications
Render Slices7
Ray Tracing Units28
Intel® Xe Matrix Extensions (Intel® XMX) Engines448
Xe Vector Engines448
Graphics Clock2050 MHz
TBP225 W
PCI Express ConfigurationsUp to PCI Express 4.0 x16
Device ID0x5691
Memory Specifications
Memory Size8 GB
Memory TypeGDDR6
Graphics Memory Interface256-bit
Graphics Memory Bandwidth512 GB/s
Graphics Memory Speed16 Gbps
Supported Technologies
Ray TracingYes
Variable Rate Shading (VRS)Yes
DirectX* SupportDirectX 12 Ultimate
Vulkan* Support1.3
OpenGL* Support4.6
OpenCL* Support3.0
Multi-Format Codec Engines2
Adaptive SyncYes
I/O Specifications
# of Displays Supported4
Graphics OutputeDP* 1.4, DP 2.0 up to UHBR 10**, HDMI* 2.1, HDMI* 2.0b
Max Resolution (HDMI)4096 x 2160@60Hz
Max Resolution (DP)7680 x 4320@60Hz
H.264 Hardware Encode/DecodeYes
H.265 (HEVC) Hardware Encode/DecodeYes
AV1 Encode/DecodeYes
VP9 Bitstream & DecodingYes
Intel® Deep Link Technologies
Intel® Deep Link Hyper ComputeYes
Intel® Deep Link Hyper EncodeYes
Intel® Deep Link Stream AssistYes

After a long time, intel has made a graphics card with a lot of love. Which has contributed to this graphics card crisis. Now Intel Arc A750 price in BD is BDT 37,000. Brings GPU-related tasks within reach. As a result, they created the Arc series.

One of the biggest chip manufacturers worldwide is Intel. Because very few companies in the world can make processors, among them Intel is NO1.

On the other hand, companies like AMD and Nvidia bring their chipsets made by TSMC.

Intel has created this GPU to make the gaming market a bit more affordable for gamers.

Intel Arc A750 GPU

Arc A750 has ACM g10 GPU 21700 million transistors inside 6nm lithography. Arc A750 also has PCI Generation 4 and 16 LAN interfaces. Its bus frequency is 2050 Mhz and its boost frequency is 2400 Mhz. Competing with AMD and Nvidia, Intel took first place in the first-generation high-clock speed game.

Intel Arc A750 Memory

Arc A750 uses 8GB GDDR6 video memory as memory. Its bus is 256 bits and its bandwidth is 512 GB/s. The memory clock is 2000Mhz and the effective clock is 16GB/s.

This large memory size helps even the most demanding games run smoothly.

Intel Arc A750’s graphics memory interface is 256-bit, which can transfer data at a much faster rate than graphics cards with smaller memory interfaces. And by transferring a lot of data at once, all bottlenecks and other work problems are solved instantly.

Intel Arc A 750 Graphics Memory Bandwidth 512 GB/s and Speed 16 Gbps. Its high speed handles all gaming components silently without any lag. And can handle high-resolution textures, complex 3D models, and other demanding gaming elements with ease.

Graphics Memory Speed 16 Gbps reduces a game load time and contributes to smooth gameplay.

Intel Arc A750 Output

Displays Support

Many of us love to do TR Down. So 3 Display Port 2.0 and 1 HDMI 2.1 Display Port are provided. So TR DOWN can be done on it.

Intel Arc A750 PCB

At the core of the PCB is the RSEM g10 GPU. It has 8 chips of 2, 2, and 4 cores of 1GB on its 3 sides and has 7 VRM regulators.

Intel Arc A750 Power


The TDP of this GPU is 225w. Intel recommends a 650w power supply for this. The Arc A750 uses a 6+4 pin connector as its power connector.

Intel Arc A750 Outlook

The card is black in color. It looks very silky and gives a silky feel.

There are no RGB lights on it. There are 2 cooling fans. Each fan has 15 fils. Its heatsink is very thin.

Next to it, there is a light inside the horizontal Intel ARC writing. But it’s not RGB.

Productivity Bench Mark:

The ground-breaking key point of the Intel ARC series is its QSV encoder.

AMD has been working on desktop and server platforms for years but hasn’t done anything ground-breaking for content creation. For example, encoder support for video editing and streaming, and GPU accelerator support for popular 3D software, none of these you will find on AMD GPUs.

And in this direction, Intel has tried to provide maximum support for creators in their first line-up. Only some 3D applications such as Lumion have not yet received proper drivers and GPU acceleration support. Will definitely come in the future.

Intel Arc A750 Benefits:

  • Memory Size: 8 GB GDDR6 memory for smooth and superior performance.
  • Graphics memory interface: 256-bit to solve all bottlenecks and other work problems instantly.
  • Graphics Memory Bandwidth: 512 GB/s for improved data transfer and powerful gaming performance.
  • Graphics Memory Speed: 16 Gbps for fast loading times and smooth game.
  • X-Core: 28 for powerful processing power.
Strong Video Performance
for a reasonable price
No RGB Light
Maximum support for content
Heatsink is very thin
XeSS featuresNo memory overclock
Is Intel Arc good for gaming?

It has been in the market for a long time. But no match for NVIDIA or AMD’s new GPUs. But for the price, it is a favorite among many gamers.

Can Intel GPU beat Nvidia?

The Intel Arc A750 beats NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 across many games and offers superior performance per dollar.

Is Intel Arc better than RTX 3060?

Absolutely, Intel Arc A750 is better than RTX 3060. Because gamers will see more FPS at high resolution on intel Arc A750 compared to RTX 3060.

How many watts is Arc A750?

Intel Arc A750 Graphics Cards have a Total Board Power (TBP) of 225 W.


The price of the Intel Arc A 750 at the time of launch was $280 to $290. Currently, Its price is $250 on various websites.

And Today Intel Arc A750 price in BD is BDT 37,000. Currently, it is not possible for everyone to spend BDT 100,000. This is a good option for those who run a business like a production house or do a little gaming or content creation.

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